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Based on Alice In Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass

A family orientated version of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass with original music by Ian D Crew.  Many of the much-loved characters from the famous books by Lewis Carroll will be appearing to play croquet; dance the  lobster quadrille, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and the caucus race; and end up in court in search of the Queen of Hearts’ Tarts.

These auditions are open to both members and non-members of The Exmouth Players.  Thus, they are open to you all regardless of experience and whether you have acted before or not.  These auditions are also to children.

The information below has been provided by the Director, Nick Lawrence:

8th – 16th December 2018

We are well on the way with the planning for our production of “Alice!”   Please note the date of the auditions.  As the composer will need to be in attendance there will be no opportunity for other audition dates.

It seems obvious to point out by the role of Alice Liddell* is rather large – she appears on almost every page!  Any actor wishing to audition for this role must be available for every rehearsal.

Here’s a list of the other characters involved (many of these are intended to be doubled especially as many only appear in one scene) *indicates the roles that have solo songs and therefore must be able to put over a song.  Most other roles are involved in singing ensembles.

Jane Liddell

Queen of Hearts*                                               Caterpillar*                                     Tweedledee*                       Hatter*

King of Hearts                                                   Humpty Dumpty                             Tweedledum*                      March Hare

Knave of Hearts*                                               White King                                      Cook                                    Dormouse

White Rabbit*                                                    Gryphon*                                         Fish-Footman                     Two

Duchess                                                             Mock Turtle*                                    Frog-Footman                     Five

Lory*                                                                   Dodo                                                Mouse*                                Seven

Duck                                                                   Eaglet                                               Old Magpie                          Soldier

Canary                                                                Cheshire Cat (voice)                       Executioner



I am expecting the MD to ask for some meetings to teach the songs before I go on the floor. 

I’ll let you know as soon as that is confirmed.

Auditions Sun 2nd September 3:00 p.m.
Read Through Fri 12th October
Blocking Tues 16th October Fri 19th October
Tues 23rd October Fri 26th October Sun 28th October
Tues 30th October Fri 2nd November Sun 4th November
Tues 6th November Fri 9th November
Tues 13th November Fri 16th November Sun 18th November
Tues 20th November Fri 23rd November Sun 25th November
Tues 27th November Fri 30th November Sun 2nd December
Tues 4th December Thurs 6th December
Dress Rehearsal Fri 7th December



Saturday 8th December  – Matinee

Sunday 9th December  –  Matinee

Tuesday 11th December  – Evening

Wednesday 12th December – Evening

Thursday 13th December – Evening

Friday 14th December  –  Evening

Saturday 15th December – Matinee

Sunday 16th December – Matinee



Provisional scripts are now available in the Theatre’s Green Room on a loan and return basis.  Please return them quickly so that others can borrow them


Ian D Crew has produced an extracted song sheet and an audio file which is available on request.  If you are interested and wish to have access to this prior to the auditions, then please contact us as below:

Please contact publicity@blackmoretheatre.co.uk leaving your name and contact details if you have any enquiries.

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