“The Titfield Thunderbolt” – 3rd to 8th July plus Sat Matinee

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The Cast at Churston Railway Station










This comedy play is based on the original Ealing screenplay by T.E.B. Clarke.

Finding that their branch railway line will be axed, a group of villagers decide to buy the railway and run it themselves. Now they must convince the railway authorities they are competent, and compete against a planned bus service.

Finding that their branch railway line will be axed, the residents of the village of Titfield decide to buy the railway and run it themselves.  Now they must convince the railway authorities they are competent, and complete against a planned bus service, the operators of whom are bitterly opposed to the railway campaign.

The villagers are granted a month’s trial period within which they must prove they are competent to run the railway.  What awaits the fate of this railway line?  Will obstacles be placed in the way of the villagers’ attempts to run the railway?

What about the engine itself?  There is talk of using the antique Thunderbolt from the local museum.

What will be the outcome?  Will the villagers succeed or will the operators of the bus company ending up rubbing their hands with glee?

This play is a great one for families.  Don’t think you will be sat there watching the play.  You might be asked to get involved!!!!!  Such is the magic of live theatre – you just don’t know what is going to happen next!!


This amateur production of “The Titfield Thunderbolt” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.


For collectors of cherishable English comedy, this enjoyable chaotic show is a real find.  First Class. (Daily Telegraph)

A big gallant dollop of imagination.  Engaging comedy.  A happy evening, perfect for grandparents and children.   (Daily Mail)

Churston Railway Station














Victoria Bungay as Miss Titfield I
Katherine Lister as Miss Titfield II/Miss Coggett
Courteney Potter as Miss Titfield III














Joyce Pomeroy as Miss Titfield IV
Jasmine Tapp as Joan Weech/Young Clifton
Kieran McGarry as Harry Crump/Sergeant Wilson/Mrs. Bottomley














Mike Hamilton as Mr. Valentine/Vernon Crump
Lee Haddow as Mr. Ruddock










Martin Moore as Dan Taylor
Wendy Bishop as Mr. Blakeworth/Mr. Clegg














Mark Blaber as Rev. Sam Weech
Annette Driver as Lady Edna Chesterford















Tickets – £10

To book:

Please call Ticketline 07484 509514 now to book.

Theatre box office opens daily between 9.30am and 1pm (except Sundays) from Monday 26th June 2017.

There is a Saturday Matinee too.

Dan Taylor charming two of the Miss Titfields
What are Vernon and Harry Crump up to?









Is Mr Ruddock being given a telling off by Lady Edna Chesterford?
Looks pretty serious whatever it is Rev Sam Weech and Lady Chesterford are discussing. I wonder what it can be about!










Is this Mr Blakeworth or Mr Clegg interrupting some no good being planned by Vernon and Harry Crump, or is either Mr B or Mr C in on this?
Is this Joan Weech or Young Clifton about to say something to Vernon Crump?
















What is Mr Blakeworth or is it Mr Clegg doing alone with the Miss Titfields?
Oh dear! What has Dan Taylor done to upset the Rev Sam Weech? Doesn’t look good.














Evening all!!! Is this Young Clifton flirting with Sergeant Wilson?




And finally……..Meet the Cast.