“The Odd Couple” – 18th to 23rd June 2018

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The cast having a bit of an American chill out before a rehearsal


Florence Unger and Olive Madison are at it again, that is, in Neil Simon’s hilarious contemporary comic classic: the female version of The Odd Couple. Instead of the poker party that begins the original version, Ms. Madison has invited the girls over for an evening of Trivial Pursuit. The Pidgeon sisters have been replaced by the two Costazuela brothers. But the hilarity remains the same.

The female version of The Odd Couple was first presented on Broadway by Emanuel Azenberg, Wayne M. Rogers, and The Shubert Organization at the Broadhurst Theatre on June 11, 1985. It was directed by Gene Saks.

Neil Simon was awarded the Tony Award for Best Author of a Play in 1965 for the original version of The Old Couple, which itself was also nominated in the same year for the Tony Award for Best Play.

This amateur production of “The Odd Couple” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD (Subject to Licence)

“Very funny indeed.” – New York Post

“Endearing.” – USA Today

Why are Olive and the girls all cheering and where is Florence? Book now to find out.
Who if Olive on the phone to and why is Florence looking so concerned?











OLIVE MADISON:                    Pat Cowey

FLORENCE UNGER:               Fin O’Leary

MANOLO COSTAZUELA:        Mark Blaber

JESUS COSTAZUELA:            Martin Moore

SYLVIE:                                     Holly Reed

MICKEY:                                    Audrey Moore

RENEE:                                     Annette Driver

VERA:                                       Juliet Roach


Meet the Costazuela Brothers – Jesus and Manalo
Hello – has Olive got the eye for Manalo? Where is this all leading to? Book now to find out.











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Mon – £8.00 – Tues to Sat, including Sat Matinee – £10.00.

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Coach parties welcomed.

Has Florence got something troubling her or is Olive really becoming a pain in the neck?