Separate Tables – 24th-29th June 2019

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Ray Virr as John Malcolm & Laura Donnellan as Anne Shankland (Photo courtesy of Alix Kelman of Kelman Media)


The Exmouth Players present “Separate Tables”, a play by Terence Rattigan, at The Blackmore Theatre, Exmouth, on:

  • Monday 24th to Friday 28th June 2019 at 7.30pm; and
  • Saturday 29th June at 4.30pm.


Director’s Notes:

As the action unfolds, it is almost 10 years since the end of the War, which changed the lives of so many.

At the Hotel Beauregard in Bournemouth live a number of individuals whose varied circumstances have brought them to this measured, predictable existence presided over by the resourceful Miss Cooper.

During two closely linked Plays their secrets, triumphs and disappointments provide a distraction from the daily routines of meals in the Dining Room and conversations in the Lounge.

The arrival of a former wife in ‘Table by the Window’ and revelations concerning a Court case in ‘Table No.7′ make waves for the permanent residents and guests, as well as Miss Cooper herself, in this otherwise sleepy coastal haven.

Terence Rattigan’s characters are recognisable and believable.  He has a way of constructing their conversations which draw the audience’s eyes to those who are not speaking.  He also manages to engender a sense of caring what happens to even the least sympathetic of them.

Both stories tell us a great deal about human nature and the way in which some relationships are built, destroyed, rekindled and re-evaluated.  Whether or not those resolutions produce the right outcome for the individuals concerned, it is for the audience to decide.

Clare Philbrock



Mabel                                               Rosalind Ford

Lady Matheson                                Fin O’Leary

Mrs Railton-Bell                               Pat Peters

Miss Meacham                                Pat Trythall

Doreen                                            Helen Ballard

Mr Fowler                                       Howard Eilbeck

Mrs Shankland (Anne)                   Laura Donnellan

Miss Cooper                                  Chris Eilbeck

Mr Malcolm (John)                        Ray Virr

Charles Stratton                           James Phillips

Jean Tanner                                 Courteney Potter

Major Pollock                               Brian Lawless

Miss Railton-Bell (Sybil)              Ellie Davis



Adult – £10

Under 16’s – £6

One free ticket with each group booking of 10

Tickets are now on sale.  Please call Ticket Line 07484 509514 to book now.

Theatre Box Office now open daily (except Sundays) between 9.30am and 1.00pm.

Last chance today to come and watch our very successful production of “SEPARATE TABLES” by Terence Rattigan.  It has had our audiences laughing and there are certainly great characters among the cast which you would not wish to miss.  Tickets still available for this afternoon’s performance starting at 4.30pm.  Why not pop along to see what you are missing, relax in our air conditioned Theatre and enjoy watching the actors perform.  Please call the above Box Office Number to book now.



Rosalind Ford as Mabel (Hotel Waitress) Has she got a problem with one of the guests?
Fin O’Leary as Lady Matheson. What could my Lady be thinking about?












Pat Peters as Mrs Railton-Bell Is she shocked at something her daughter has just said?
Pat Trythall as Miss Meacham What could be interesting Miss Meacham or occupying her mind?












Helen Ballard as Doreen (Hotel Waitress) Doreen looks pretty displeased with something or someone. What or who could it be?
Howard Eilbeck as Mr Fowler Something here looks as though it has caught Mr Fowler’s eye. What could it be?










Laura Donnellan as the delightful Mrs Anne Shankland Could she tell you a few stories?
Chris Eilbeck as Miss Cooper What could be Miss Cooper looking at? Somebody caught her eye?











Ray Virr as Mr John Malcolm What seems to be troubling John?
James Phillips as Charles Stratton Nothing appears to be troubling Charles, or is that really the case?












Courteney Potter as Jean Tanner Looks like an interesting book or is it the Hotel Menu?
Brian Lawless as Major Pollock What can the Major be planning now?










Ellie Davis as Miss Sybil Railton-Bell What has she read in the newspaper? Something alarming about one of the guest, may be?













To find out the answers to all the above, book now by calling Ticket Line 07484 509514.

All photos courtesy of Alix Kelman of Kelman Media.


“A triumph” – New York Post.

“To his skill as a craftsman, Mr Rattigan has added understanding and forgiveness.  The finest thing he’s written” – The New York Times


This amateur production of “Separate Tables” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD.


This page may be updated from time to time, so please do keep checking in for any further information, including information on ticket sales.