“Orfeo ed Euridice”

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Grassroots Opera, a company of young professional singers, will be performing their production of Gluck’s opera Orfeo ed Euridice at the Blackmore Theatre, Exmouth, at 7.30PM on Friday the 26th of October (bar open beforehand). Grassroots Opera was founded in February 2018 by Devon based Soprano Chloe Stratta, and Mezzo-Soprano Anna Marie McLachlan. They aim to present opera in a way that is accessible to everyone, in intimate venues where audience members can feel immersed in the action and connect to the emotions presented. “Opera is very beautiful and meaningful, but not everyone is able to travel to see larger companies, so it’s important to bring this art form to people in rural areas, and also to try to create something that a diverse audience can appreciate”, says director Chloe Stratta.

Orfeo ed Euridice, a tale originating in Greek Mythology, tells the story of Orfeo, a grieving man who is given the chance by Amore (the personification of love) to travel to the underworld in attempt to save his beloved wife Euridice.  But is there more pain to be had in fighting nature? Can Euridice really be brought back, or has Orfeo been driven mad by grief? In this production, Grassroots Opera explore the lines between love and obsession, reality and imagination.

Reviews (Feb 2018):

“We came to your wonderful production on Saturday night. Thank you so much. It way exceeded our expectations …I had been considering going to La Scala to hear this opera in March but balked at the price…..and am I glad I didn’t! This was right up there with opera I have seen before! I particularly appreciated the choreography, simple and effective; and the way each of you really embodied the characters…not just the voice. Definitely would like to come to another event please.”

“Absolutely loved tonight’s debut! It was fabulous -Thank you. We brought our two teens/children and we are now prancing around staging a family “opera” at home. Think you have inspired and engaged the next generation!”

“A stunningly good performance of O & E. We so enjoyed it. Excellent performance – superb singing; a very interesting production which was most effective! Congratulations to the excellent pianist who gave a marathon performance. Many thanks!”

“A terrific show: elegantly choreographed and impressively performed by all four of you.”

“I’m not a traditional opera-goer, but I saw this was being put on by young people, so I thought I’d go along. The whole thing was wonderful! the singers were incredibly talented and the simple set and staging were so effective. It didn’t even matter that the singing was in Italian as the programme had a synopsis which was easy to follow as the story progressed. It was entertaining and moving , and I left feeling very cultured and ready to explore more classical music!”

Tickets:  £15

Ticket are now on sale – Please call 07484 509514 to book your seats.  


Please see www.grassrootsopera.co.uk for more information.


Our Theatre Box Office will be open about 45 minutes before this performance, but please don’t leave booking to chance.  We always advise you to book in advance by contacting the Box Office number (above).

Our Theatre Bar will be open from 6.45pm, so why not pop along for a pre-show drink and order your interval drinks at the same time.  The Bar will also be open at the end of the performance.