Open Auditions for “The Odd Couple”

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A Comedy by Neil Simon

Director: Les Hunt

Sunday, 11 February 2018 at 2.30 pm at The Blackmore Theatre

Production Dates:  Monday 18 – Saturday 23 June 2018 (including a matinee performance on the Saturday)

These auditions are open to both members and non-members of The Exmouth Players (CIO).  Previous acting experience is not essential.  Age is also immaterial.  Just pop along and live and enjoy the experience.  There are two male parts and six female parts.

Florence Unger and Olive Madison are at it again, that is, in Neil Simon’s hilarious contemporary comic classic: the female version of The Odd Couple. Instead of the poker party that begins the original version, Ms. Madison has invited the girls over for an evening of Trivial Pursuit. The Pidgeon sisters have been replaced by the two Constanzuela brothers. But the hilarity remains the same.

“Very funny indeed.” – New York Post

The Characters in this play are:

OLIVE MADISON (Main Lead):  a successful television producer; she is intelligent, attractive, and wisecracking, with a good sense of humor, and she’s a complete slob; she has an encyclopedic understanding of sports.

FLORENCE UNGER:  attractive, very well-groomed, and neat; has just broken up with her husband; she takes herself very seriously, likes to clean, decorate, and cook; she is intelligent and warm-hearted, but has no sense of humor (at least about herself).

MANOLO COSTAZUELA:  handsome, very well-groomed, and Spanish with a Castilian accent; he is every woman’s dream date and showers both Olive and Flo with attention; he must have good comic timing, as he gets very emotional; he is sensitive and appreciates Florence’s sensitivity.

JESUS COSTAZUELA:  Manolo’s younger brother; also very handsome, well-groomed, excellent posture, very romantic; he also gets very emotional and truly appreciates Florence. 

SYLVIE:  desperately trying to stop smoking, and so sucks on lollipops or chews gum; she can get irritated with her friends, but has a good sense of humor, especially about her husband; and, yes, she is pregnant in the last scene.

MICKEY:  a police officer, who is down-to-earth, plain-talking, and has a good understanding of people; she tries very hard to be in control of all situations.

RENEE:  Sylvie’s best friend, can be very plain-spoken, especially when she points out Olive’s failings as a hostess–and then Flo’s; she is single and dating a doctor.

VERA:  very sweet, very nice, somewhat spacey, and, although quite smart, is often a step or two behind her friends; she’s very funny, but doesn’t realize it.

All females will need to have American accents.  The two males will need to have Spanish accents.

If you are unable to make the auditions on Sunday, 11 February but would like to be considered, please email leaving your name and contact details.  This information will then be passed to Les Hunt who will call you direct.

Scripts will shortly be or are already available in the Green Room at The Blackmore Theatre in Bicton Street, Exmouth.  These can be collected on any Friday from 7.30pm on a loan and return basis, leaving your contact details.  

Rehearsals will mainly be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week commencing from Monday 5th March 2018.