Open Auditions for The Exmouth Players 2019 Christmas Pantomime “Aladdin”

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The Exmouth Players are holding open auditions, open to you all regardless of whether you are a member or non-member of The Exmouth Players on 14th July 2019 (please see below).  These auditions are open to all age groups, including children.  It doesn’t matter whether you have acted before or not, or have any experience of performing on stage.  Just come along and enjoy the fun and experience of it all.

These auditions will be taking place throughout Sunday 14th July 2019 at The Blackmore Theatre, Bicton Street, Exmouth, EX8 2RU.  They will be taking place at the times mentioned below depending on what you may be interested in auditioning for (i.e., any of the characters named, Ensemble and/or Dancers).

PRE-AUDITION GET TOGETHER & READ THROUGH:  There will be a get together and read through of the script for anyone interested in auditioning on Tues 9th July at 7.30pm at The Blackmore Theatre.  If you are unable to attend this, then please do not worry as you can still turn up and audition on the day.  It just gives you an opportunity of meeting the Director and others may be for the first time and to familiarise yourselves with the script.



 Performance Dates & Times

Performances will commence on Sat 7th December and run through to Sun 15th December 2019

(No performance Monday evening)

Sat 7th Dec at 2.30pm (Opening Performance)

Sat 7th Dec at 7.30pm

Sun 8th Dec at 2.30pm (No Evening Performance)


Tues 10th Dec at 7.30pm

Wed 11th Dec at 7.30pm

Thurs 12th Dec at 7.30pm

Friday 13th Dec at 7.30pm

Sat 14th Dec at 2.30pm

Sat 14th Dec at 7.30pm

Sun 15th Dec at 2.30pm (Final Performance)

Note: You must be available for all the performance dates and times above.


Open Auditions – Sun 14th July 2019 at the following times

At The Blackmore Theatre:

11.00am:  Auditions for any of the Characters named below

4.00pm:  Ensemble Auditions (Adults) (Please see below)

4.30pm:  Auditions for Junior Dancers/Ensemble (Please see below)

Note:  Please ensure you are at The Blackmore by the times mentioned above.



These will be as follows:

Tuesdays (Principals only)

Fridays (Ensemble)

Sundays (Ensemble)

Note:  Dates and times TBC.


Director/Choreographer: Tracey Hamilton

Child Protection Officer:  Katherine Lister


Registration of Your Interest for Open Audition Purposes

For the purposes of these Open Auditions, it would assist us if you would please contact leaving your name, contact details, age (whether over/under 16) along with details of what you wish to audition for prior to the audition date.  This information will then be passed on to Tracey Hamilton (Director).

  However, we are fairly relaxed about this if you are undecided whether to audition until the actual day and just turn up.  You will be more than welcome.

  Please note:  Scripts and Audition Pieces will only be issued to those who register their interest ahead of the audition date.


Important Information for Parents/Carers of Children aged 7-15

Please note, if your child is cast in this production, they will need a performance licence from the local authority and we will ask you to assist in completing the paperwork for this early on in rehearsals.

If your child is aged 7-11, they will need to be supervised by a parent/carer at every rehearsal. This does not need to be on a one adult to one child basis so parents/carers are welcome to arrange their own rota for this. It is not necessary for children to be accompanied to the actual audition by a parent/carer.



Refreshingly new, this laugh-a-minute pantomime adds another dimension to the great panto classic. This original and funny script provides all the necessary ingredients for a first-class rags-to-riches tale.

Bursting with comedy and visual business, courtesy of Widow Twankey, Wishee Washee and the two Chinese Policemen (Yu-Dun-Wong & Hu-Dun-Pong) the script provides ample opportunity for audience participation, slapstick mayhem and traditional panto fun!

If you’re ready to embark upon an unforgettable journey into The Land of the Magic Lamp then please register your interest as above.


Characters – Audition Time:  11.00am

ALADDIN: Male Principal Boy. A wastrel boy with big ideas. Triple threat performer who Acts, Sings and Dances! Good sense of comedy also needed.
WISHEE WASHEE: Aladdin’s daft brother. (Male) Needs to be able to act, sing and move.
WIDOW TWANKEY: Pantomime Dame, Aladdin’s mother. Runs the Wosh ’n Nosh. (Obviously, best played by a man) Needs to be able to act, sing and move.
PRINCESS MANDARIN: Typical Princess character. (Principal Girl) Again a triple threat performer who can Act, Sing and Dance.


SO-SHY: Mandarin’s handmaiden and companion. (Female. Larger part than in most versions) Again a triple threat performer who can Act, Sing and Dance.
The EMPEROR or EMPRESS: Mandarin’s father/mother. (Male/Female) Needs to be able to Act, Sing and move.
The idiotic Chinese Policemen, typical panto-style comedy twosome. (Either can be male or female). Comically dressed. Good sense of comedy required. Needs to be able to move.


ABANAZAR: An evil Egyptian Magician, the baddie of the piece, but slightly tongue-in-cheek. (Male) Needs to be able to Act, sing and move.
SPIRIT OF THE RING: The good Slave of the Magic Ring. (Female) Smaller genie role. Dancer preferred who can act and sing.
GENIE OF THE LAMP: The all-powerful Genie of the Magic Lamp. (Usually male, but could be played by female). Very ‘cool’ and slightly tongue-in-cheek. Larger than life actor who can act, sing and dance.


Citizens of Peking
Royal Entourage
Spirits of the Cave
Laundry workersNon-speaking ExecutionerNon-speaking TemptressAbanazar’s non-speaking Egyptian slaveSmall boy to play Mini wishee
Featured in musical numbers as desired.


Ensemble Auditions (Adults) – Audition Time:  4.00pm

As we need to keep numbers to a minimum there will be auditions for anyone interested in being in the Ensemble. There will be a movement audition and a vocal audition.


Audition for Junior Dancers/Ensemble – Audition Time:  4.30pm

Boys and Girls aged 7-18.

Children with good basic dance training who can sing.

Movement audition pieces will be set on the day. Song will be as the Ensemble auditions.


This amateur production of “Aladdin” is presented by special arrangement with Stage Right Creative Limited


For all Enquiries, please contact