Open Auditions for “Separate Tables”

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The Exmouth Players present Open Auditions for “Separate Tables” at 8.00pm on 27th February 2019 at The Blackmore Theatre, Exmouth.  Please note the new start time.  Due to circumstances outside our control, the time has had to be put back from 6.30pm to 8.00pm.  We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to any of you wishing to audition, but hope you may still be able to come along at the new time of 8.00pm.

These auditions are open to you all regardless of whether or not you are a member of The Exmouth Players, age (subject to character details below) and experience.  It does not matter if you have not acted before.  We are here to help wherever we can.  Come along and have some fun and, if it is your first time, gain some experience.  It all helps.

“Separate Tables” by Terence Rattigan

An Introduction 

It is some 10 years after the end of the Second World War.  At the Hotel Beauregard in Bournemouth live a number of individuals whose varied circumstances have brought them to this measured, predictable existence presided over by the resourceful Miss Cooper.

Their secrets, triumphs and disappointments provide a distraction from the daily routines of meals in the Dining Room and conversations in the Lounge throughout two separate but closely linked plays, which take place some months apart.

In ‘Table by the Window’, the arrival of a former wife and in ‘Table Number Seven’ revelations concerning a Court case make waves for the permanent residents and guests, as well as Miss Cooper herself, in this otherwise sleepy coastal haven.

Terence Rattigan’s characters are recognisable and believable.  He has a way of constructing their conversations which draw the audience’s eyes to those who are not speaking.  He also manages to engender a sense of caring what happens to even the least sympathetic of them.

Both stories tell us a great deal about human nature and the way in which some relationships are built, destroyed, rekindled and re-evaluated.  Whether or not those resolutions produce the right outcome for the individuals concerned, it is for the audience to decide.

The former married couple John Malcolm and Anne Shankland appear only in the first play.  The action focuses on Sybil, Mrs Railton-Bell’s daughter and the bogus Major Pollock in the second play.  Those roles were intended to be double cast, but individual actors will be cast for each role in this Production. The other characters appear in both plays.

Here is a summary of the characters:



MabelA Waitress. She is taciturn, gloomy and dependable.

Middle Aged/Mature

Lady MathesonA Resident at the Hotel. A Civil Servant’s widow. Surviving on an annuity.

Middle Aged/Mature

Mrs Railton-BellA Resident at the Hotel.  A grande dame. She overpowers her daughter and is domineering to others.


Miss MeachamA Resident at the Hotel. A short sighted racing enthusiast.


DoreenA Waitress. She is flighty, talkative and undependable.

Any age

Mr FowlerA Resident at the Hotel. An ex-Public School Master.  He tries to keep in touch with former pupils who he admires but they are less enthusiastic about it than him.


Mrs Shankland (Anne)Act 1 Only.

An unexpected Guest at the Hotel. A smart, elegant woman. She was previously married to Mr Malcolm. She has been married again since. She has sought out her former husband.  Her life is empty.

Middle Aged

Miss CooperThe Owner of the Hotel.  She is practical, authoritative and runs a very tight ship. She has been having a relationship with Mr Malcolm. It has suited them both.

Middle Aged

Mr Malcolm (John)Act 1 Only.

A Resident at the Hotel.

A disgraced former MP working as a journalist and Mrs Shankland’s former husband. The other residents know nothing of his past.

He has never stopped loving her. He is rugged and unkempt. He drinks.  He speaks with a slight northern accent.

Middle Aged

Charles StrattonA Guest at the Hotel. With Jean. They are students.  He is studying Medicine. They have married and had a baby by Act 2.

Young 20’s/30’s.

Jean TannerA Guest at the Hotel. With Charles. They are students. They have married and have had a baby by Act 2.

Young 20’s/30’s

Major PollockAct 2 Only

A Resident at the Hotel. He appears to be the embodiment of a retired senior military man but he is not all he seems.  He has secrets – about his career and recent prosecution.


Miss Railton-Bell (Sybil)Act 2 Only

A Resident at the Hotel with her mother.  She is plain and dowdy and in the shadow of her domineering mother. Her nerves are delicate. She is fond of the Major.

Young 30’s


Clare Philbrock – Director


Production Dates & Times:

  • Monday 24th to Friday 29th June 2019 – Evening Performances at 7.30pm; and
  • Saturday 30th June – Matinee Performance at 4.30pm.


Please contact us at to register your interest in these Open Auditions, leaving your name and contact details.


This amateur production of “Separate Tables” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD (Subject to Licence).



“A triumph.” – New York Post

“To his skill as a craftsman, Mr. Rattigan has added understanding and forgiveness. The finest thing he’s written.” – The New York Times