London Suite

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This play takes part in a London Suite.  You may think of this as a sedate place, but what really is about to unfold?

The play itself is made up of the four following plays:-

  • Settling Accounts – The Suite is occupied by an inebriated Welsh writer who is holding his long time business manager, caught absconding with the writer’s money, at gun point. The villain concocts increasingly farfetched explanations of what he was doing at Heathrow with the cash.
  • Going Home – An American widow and her daughter arrive in the same Suite. The daughter insists her mother spends her last evening in London with a rich Scotsman.  What then happens?
  • Diana and Sidney – Here you will witness the lives of two characters from California Suite.   Diana, the Oscar-winning actress, and Sidney, her bisexual husband, are now divorced and are seeing each other for the first time in years.  He needs money for his lover who (he claims) is dying of cancer.  The money is not a problem, but the realization that Diana still loves him is.
  • The Man on the Floor – A married couple arrive in the Suite from New York with tickets for Wimbledon, or so they thought. The tickets have been mislaid.  A series of events then unfold which will have you rolling around in laughter.



  1. Settling Accounts

Brian Cronin                                 Raymond Tongue

Billy Fox                                       Nick Lawrence


  1. Going Home

Sheryl Semple                             Joyce Pomeroy

Lauren Semple (Daughter)         India Laurence Othen


  1. Diana and Sidney

Diane Nichols                              Joyce Pomeroy

Grace Chapman (Secretary)      India Laurence Othen

Sidney Nichols                           Nick Lawrence


  1. The Man On The Floor

Mark Ferris                               Raymond Tongue

Annie Ferris (his Wife)              India Laurence Othen

Mrs Sitgood (Hotel

Associate Manager)                 Sherry Jenkins

Bellman                                    Marcus Carson

Dr McMerlin                             Tim Othen


Meet The Cast


Raymond Tongue        Nick Lawrence



Joyce Pomeroy             India Laurence Othen



Sherry Jenkins                Marcus Carson


NB:  It is with regret that due to personal circumstances, Kieran McGarry is unable to appear in this production.  He will however still be involved and is happy to be the understudy for Tim Othen who has now replaced Keiran playing the part of Dr McMerlin in “The Man On The Floor”.


This production runs from Monday 8th – Saturday 13th May at The Blackmore Theatre in Bicton Street, Exmouth. There will also be a matinee performance on the Saturday (followed by the evening performance). Evening performances commence at 7.30pm and the matinee performance starts at 2.30pm.

This amateur production of “London Suite” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD (subject to Licence)

“Makes laughter easy!” – The New York Times

“You’ll leave this bright comedy with a smile on your face.” – NBC TV

“Booked solid with merciful laughter.” – Newark Star-Ledger


Tickets will first go on sale via the Ticketline 07484 509514 from Monday 3rd April 2017.

The Theatre Box Office opens from Tuesday 2nd May 2017 daily (except Sundays) between 9.30am and 1.30pm

Tickets:  £10