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DSC_0305 (4)  Photo of some of the cast taking a moment out of rehearsals.

Synopsis: Alec Firth is having an affair with his assistant Liz and has organised his domestic life so that they can go to Spain without making his wife Maggie suspicious. What could go wrong? Plenty as the rest of the family arrive on the doorstep in rapid succession; Phoebe, Alec’s mother, who has discharged herself from the old people’s home; Alec’s son Jamie who has a broken ankle, and finally his daughter Mandy who is heavily pregnant and refuses to marry the father.

This production will be subject to licence of Samuel French Ltd.




Alec Firth                –     Mike Killoran

DSC_0037 cropped

Maggie Firth           –     Joyce Pomeroy


Liz                          –      Fin O’Leary


Phoebe Firth          –      Pat Davies


Jamie Firth             –      Joel Foxon


Mandy Firth            –      Emma Hodnett

DSC_0054 (2) Hello, hello – the two lovers together at a quiet moment?!!!  What are they planning now?  Do the rest of the family, including Alec’s mother, Phoebe, suspect what is going on?

DSC_0082  Alec struggles to make conversation with his mother, Phoebe.  What possibly could mother be telling Alec – could be it how she left the old people’s home?

DSC_0196 Liz, Alec’s lover, seems to be comforting Alec as members of his family turn up one after another – will they ever get off to Spain?

DSC_0142  Alec with his son, Jamie.  What has Jamie done to himself?  He certainly appears to be on clutches!!!

DSC_0242 (3) Liz, the shop assistant, alone with Alec’s mother, Phoebe.  Mother does not appear to be amused!!!!  What has Liz said to her?

DSC_0250 (3)  Maggie (Alec’s Wife) is possibly trying to encourage Phoebe to move on.  Does Phoebe go back to the old people’s home?

Photos by Keturah Weber


P1110637 Hello, what are bother, Jamie, and sister, Mandy, up to?  Is one trying to get the other of them into trouble or making life somewhat difficult for their father, Alec?

P1110639(1)Is Mandy about to give birth or are brother, Jamie, and grandmother, Phoebe, trying to feel a kick or something else from within?

Photographer of the last two photos above:  Jenny Bowden