Lloyd George Knew My Father

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When Lady Boothroyd hears that the authorities are determined to drive a road through her grounds she announces her intention to kill herself the moment the bulldozers start on their shameful work. At first disbelieving, the family at length realizes to their horror that this is no joke. All means of persuasion fail. As the hour strikes and the bulldozers’ roar is heard the old General enters in regimental regalia, while his old ex army servant sounds the “Last Post.” Then, as the whole family stands stricken, the door opens….

Then what happens?  Talk about keeping us in suspense.



Playwright William Douglas-Home (1912-1992) was one of the West end’s most successful post-war Dramatists. His plays include Now Barabbas (1947), the Chiltern Hundreds (1947), the Thistle and the Rose (1948), the Reluctant Debutante (1955) (which was twice filmed, most recently in 2003 under the title What a Girl Wants, starring Colin Firth and Kelly Preston), the Reluctant Peer (1964), Betzi (1965), a Friend Indeed (1965), the Secretary Bird (1967), the Queen’s Highland Servant (1967), the Jockey Club Stakes (1970), Lloyd George Knew My Father (1972), at the end of the Day (1973), the Dame of Sark (1974), the Kingfisher (1978), and after the Ball is Over (1985). the younger brother of Prime Minister Alec Douglas Home, he regularly stood for Parliament himself. He was court-martialled and imprisoned during the Second World War for his refusal to obey orders during the allied operation to capture the port of Le Havre in September 1944 because French civilians had not been permitted to evacuate.




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Pat Cowey as                                Mark Blaber as

Lady Sheila Boothroyd                 General Sir William Boothroyd


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Lee Haddow as                                Nicola Brice as

Hubert Boothroyd MP (son)             Maud Boothroyd (his wife)


DSC_0395 (533x800)DSC_0268



Courteney Pottter as                    James Phillips as

Sally Boothroyd (daughter)          Simon Green (Sally’s boyfriend)


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DSC_0376 (533x800)


Tony Christopher as                       Raymond Tongue as

Robertson (the butler)                    The Rev. Trevor Simmonds



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