Dick Whittington

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DSC_0228 group editDSC_0042(Photos by Keturah Weber)

Yes – it won’t be long before it is panto time again at the Blackmore Theatre.  Rehearsals are already in full swing.  In January, Exmouth Players will be treating us to the story of Dick Whittington written by Graham Barraclough and directed by Mary Mulcahy and Les Hunt.

Heading for London town to see if the streets really are paved with gold, Dick Whittington befriends the ‘cool’ cat, Tom. On reaching London, they both join Alderman Fitzwarren’s store, working alongside his kind hearted daughter, Alice, his cook, Sarah, and her daft son, Idle Jack.

When Master Marlin, a business partner of Alderman Fitzwarren steals some money from the shop, Dick is blamed and dismissed in disgrace.  Dick joins the crew of Marlin’s ship on a voyage to the Barbary Coast, but Dick and his cat are persuaded to return and clear their names after hearing the call of Fairy Tinkle.  Unfortunately, Dick’s plans are discovered by King Rat who makes sure that the voyage is not all plain sailing.

Will Dick ever clear his name and win Alice’s love back? Can the goodies thwart the dastardly deeds of King Rat and his army of ratlings? Will the Sultan really find his new Sultana? Come and find out for yourselves and join us for some family fun this coming Panto season.  You’ll never see another one like it.  Oh no you won’t.


DICK WHITTINGTON                                       Annette Driver

THOMAS [his cat]                                             Marcus Carson

SARAH [the cook]                                             Mark Blaber

IDLE JACK                                                        Joel Foxon

ALDERMAN FITZWARREN                             Les Hunt

ALICE                                                               Katherine Lister

SPIKE MARLIN                                                Nick Lawrence

MRS MARLENE MARLIN                                Hilary Watkins-Field

SHEIK ANVAC                                                Brian Toye

YASMIN                                                          Lizzie Jackson/Sophie Christensen

MUSTAPHA                                                   Steve Driver

FAIRY TINKLE                                               Sandy Worcester

KING RAT                                                      Tony Christopher

ABLE SEAMAN SPRATT                              Samuel Carson

OTHER SMALL PARTS/CHORUS                Rhiannon Driver, Lee Haddow, Dot Taylor and Martin and Audrey Moore

SUPPORTED BY THE DANCERS OF EXE DANCE ARTS (seen below) Choreographed by Jo Sexton


Photo by Ian Whilden


Cast photos below:


Annette Driver as Dick Whittington and Marcus Carson as Thomas the Cat


Tony Christopher as King Rat and Sandy Worcester as Fairy Tinkle


Katherine Lister as Alice and Les Hunt as her father, Alderman Fitzwarren


Rhiannon Driver as Elf/Safety and Samuel Carson as Able Seaman Spratt


Mark Blaber as Pantomime Dame, Sarah the Cook


Nick Lawrence as Spike Marlin and Hilary Watkins-Field as Marlene Marlin


Joel Foxon as Idle Jack and, isn’t it that Dame again, Sarah the Cook?!!! Oh yes it is!!!!!!


Steve Driver as Mustapha and Brian Toye as Sheik Anvac


Cast of Dick Whittington

(Photos by Jenny Bowden)