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Open preliminary Read Through & Open Auditions for the Exmouth Players Production of ‘Ladies Day’, a Comedy Drama by Amanda Whittington.

The Exmouth Players are holding an open preliminary read through of the script for ‘Ladies Day’ and open auditions, open to you all regardless of whether you are a member or non-member of The Exmouth Players and age. It doesn’t matter whether you have acted before or not, or have any experience of performing on stage. Just come along and enjoy the fun and experience of it all.

The read through and auditions will be taking place at The Blackmore Theatre, Bicton Street, Exmouth, EX8 2RU at the times and dates mentioned below.

Essential Information you need to know.

Performance Dates & Times

Performances will commence on Mon 27th July and run through to Sun 2nd August 2020.
Monday 27th July – Saturday 1st August at 7.30pm, Sunday 2nd August at 2.30pm.
Note: You must be available for all the performance dates and times above.

Open Preliminary Read Through Date & Time: Friday 3rd April 2020 at 7.00pm.
Open Auditions Dates & Times: Tuesday 7th April 2020 at 7.00pm, Thursday 9th April at 7.00pm.
Note: Please ensure you are at The Blackmore by the time(s) mentioned above (depending on which of these you are able to attend – please see note below if you are unable to attend any of these dates and/or times).


These will commence on Monday 8th June 2020 and will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7.30pm at The Blackmore Theatre (unless notified to the contrary).
PLEASE NOTE: There is likely to be additional rehearsals during the week commencing 20th July 2020. This will be for Technical & Dress Rehearsals.

The Director will endeavour to schedule sections for rehearsals so as to avoid calling any people unnecessarily.


Scripts are now available on a loan and return basis at The Blackmore Theatre between 7.30pm and 9.00pm on most Friday evenings.
They will also be available at any of our Coffee Mornings prior to the Preliminary Read Through and Auditions.
If any of the dates and times mentioned above are unsuitable for you to come and collect a script, then please contact trevor.brice@blackmoretheatre.co.uk to make alternative arrangements.
As we only have a limited supply, please ensure you quickly read and return the script you have borrowed, as they may well be others waiting for sight of the same.
PLEASE NOTE: All scripts must be returned to the Theatre by Friday 3rd April 2020 at the very latest (for the Preliminary Read Through).

Director’s Notes

If you are interested in auditioning for any of the characters in this production but are unable to attend:

  • either the preliminary read through and/or any of the audition dates and/or at the times mentioned above;
  • any of the rehearsal days;

then please contact trevor.brice@blackmoretheatre.co.uk leaving your name and contact details.
Your information will be passed on to our Director (below) who will then contact you. She will try and fit you in at a different time and/or be flexible where possible.

This is a fun play requiring a fast pace with quick one-liners and a swift (possibly on stage) change of costume for the females. It will appeal to ladies wishing to show their versatility. The male definitely needs to be resourceful, as he plays six characters, although the part could be divided between two males – a passable Irish accent is a must for the jockey. The ages of the characters (mentioned below) are intended as a guide only (looks can be deceptive, especially under stage lighting!).

The script denotes Royal Ascot coming to York but it would be feasible to use the real Ascot, Berkshire, as the Director is not sure we would play this with ‘northern’ accents.

The Director is looking forward to having as many people as possible attending the open preliminary read through and/or auditions for what should be an enjoyable production that will be popular with audiences and well received.

Director: Wendy Groves

Registration of Your Interest for Open Preliminary Read Through and/or Open Audition Purposes.
For the purposes of the Read Through and these Open Auditions, it would assist us if you would please contact trevor.brice@blackmoretheatre.co.uk leaving your name, contact details, age along with details of the character/characters you wish to read for and/or audition for, whether you wish to attend the read through and/or which of the audition dates you aim to attend.
Please ensure you provide us with this information prior to the 3rd April 2020.
This information will then be passed on to the Director.

However, we are fairly relaxed about this if you are undecided whether to attend the read through and/or to audition until any of the actual dates mentioned above, and just turn up. You will be more than welcome.

Backstage & Front of House Assistance

In the event you may not be cast in this production, you will be asked if you could please help out:

  • backstage (stage management or part of the crew (where needed) or may be as prompt, helping out with props, set building and painting); OR
  • as part of the Technical Crew (for lighting and sound with or without any experience – we can offer some basic training for those without any experience); OR
  • with any of the front of house roles during the week of the performance.

Please indicate whether you may be willing to help out and assist with any of the above regardless of whether you wish to audition by contacting trevor.brice@blackmoretheatre.co.uk

For those wishing to audition, please be assured any such indication will not be taken into consideration for the purposes of the auditions.


Life in general appears to be one long, hard grind for the fish packers in the fish-filleting factory but, as Pearl is about to retire early and the ladies voice various suggestions for a leaving do, her specific dream becomes a reality. With the help of their Supervisor, Joe, the ladies throw off their overalls, wellies and hairnets to prepare for Ladies Day at Ascot.

When Linda discovers a purse containing a stash of money and tickets, she Pearl, Shelley and Jan find themselves inside the racecourse where alcohol stimulates some flirtatious encounters and a flutter on the accumulator. Will they hit the jackpot!


The play is written for a cast of 4 female actors and 1 male actor (possibly 2).
Character ages are flexible within reasonable limits for the character(s) concerned.

Pearl Mid-fifties. A fish-packer
Jan Mid-forties. A fish-packer
Shelley Mid-twenties. A fish-packer
Linda Mid-twenties. A fish-packer
Joe Their Supervisor
Fred A Ticket Tout
Jim McCormack A TV Pundit
Patrick An Irish Jockey
Kevin A Gambler
Barry A Bookie

This amateur production of “Ladies Day” is SUBJECT TO LICENCE of Nick Hern Books.
For all Enquiries, please contact trevor.brice@blackmoretheatre.co.uk

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