The Exmouth Players were founded by the late Jessie Blackmore in 1928. Productions were staged mostly at Exmouth Pavilion with rehearsals at the Royal Beacon Hotel, social gatherings took place in a Nissen Hut in the grounds of the “Cranford Club”. A billiard hall became vacant in Bicton Street, Miss Blackmore purchased this building and leased it out to the Players, hence the name “Blackmore Theatre”.In 1984 the Blackmore Theatre was granted a theatre license and all productions have been held there ever since. These include a Pantomime in Jan, plays in March, June, August and October.Since 1979 the Players have hosted a One Act Play Festival where professional adjudicators from all over the country have fallen in love with this unique little theatre.At the turn of the Millennium, The Exmouth Players purchased the theatre and the dream which began in a Nissen hut in the grounds of the Cranford Club became a reality. The Exmouth Players celebrated taking outright control of the Blackmore Theatre, 11 years after being granted a loan to buy it.

The Players received this loan, of £70,000, from East Devon District Council to buy the building in December 2000, along with £5,000 of grants from the District Council and Exmouth Town Council.

After eleven years of hard work, the loan was finally paid off and the theatre was in the hands of the Exmouth Players and it's members.

“We’re very pleased as an organisation that we have now made that final payment, and the Blackmore Theatre is in the ownership of The Exmouth Players and it's members"

Control Room upgrade

During this COVID shutdown we have been able to do some essential work on the building which otherwise would not have been possible during the normal busy schedule. All of it adhering to social distancing of course! The big project earlier on in the year was the full upgrade of the control room in the auditorium. The old room was long neglected and held together, literally, with sticky tape! Not so now, a full electrical re-wire, flooring, walls, counter tops, emergency lighting and paint job. See below for some during and after shots.