Variations of Pointe – a triple bill

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Variations of pointe

Press Release

JSLN Dance Company: Spring/ Summer Tour 2016 – Variations of Pointe

JSLN Dance Company was founded in 2012 by Sören Niewelt and Jessica Larbig in Berlin and has gained an international reputation, performing refreshing neoclassical works around Germany and Asia.

“Variations of Pointe” is an exciting new triple bill encompassing all aspects of ballet: grace, elegance and entertainment with something for everyone.

The first piece in our triple bill is Niewelt’s adaptation of Fokine’s Petrouchka from the time of the Imperial Russian Ballet to music by Stravinsky. Our story is set inside a magical puppet workshop where the marionettes come to life and is a dramatic tale of love and jealousy between a beautiful ballerina doll and her admirers.

Our second piece is for everyone, whether you’re a ballet lover or not. We bring you the antics of René Artois and his friends working to thwart Herr Flick and his compatriots in Allo Allo translated into dance and guaranteed to have you rolling around in your seats with laughter.

Our third piece, Transitions of (I)dentity follows from JSLN’s success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015. The tale of The Soul Searcher is extended beyond the inner struggle of who she is, who she wants to be and the constraints of society upon her. The Soul Searcher has come out of the first transition with self-knowledge and passes her knowledge to others, influencing their choices. The journey through the soul searcher’s transitions of identity is brought to life through beautiful pared down, elegant and pure movements of neo-classical ballet to the music of Vivaldi and promises to be a feast for the senses.

As a part of our tour, we are also bringing our hugely popular workshops for all ages from schoolchildren to senior citizens in care homes as well as behind the scenes events at venues the company will be performing at.








TV Bomb – 2nd September 2016. (Robert Dow)

“JSLN Dance is definitely a company to look out for in future.”

Antaranews – September 12th, 2014

“Made the audience enthralled”

Jakarta Post – September 13th 2014

“Beautiful contemporary ballet”


For further information, contact:


Telephone: 07857698980 (Loretta Wong, Company Manager)


Variations of Pointe is, as the title implies, a triple bill, the performance of which will be made up of the following.

  • Petrouchka is a ballet which has not been seen for some time in England.  It is very colourful and also has a strong storyline for both children and older ballet-going audience who may remember it from the 1950s and 60s.


  • Allo Allo will be great fun for all audiences, whether you love ballet or not.  Please see the Press Release above.  It all sounds rather enticing.


  • Transitions of (I)dentity is a neo-classical work in the Dance Company’s Artistic Director Soren Niewelt’s inimitable style and brings a young and refreshing view on ballet with elegance and athleticism.


This truly sounds all exciting and is certainly not one to be missed.  Book you seats at the first opportunity and don’t be disappointed.  Remember, there are only two performances on this Sunday, 22nd May.




In addition, JSLN Dance Company will be holding one of their very popular workshops at The Blackmore Theatre following the matinee performance.  The programme will consist of:

  • Welcome from Artistic Director, Soeren, and introduction to the company
  • Dancers in practice clothes will demonstrate warm-up exercises and explanations given on the daily routines of a professional dancer
  • Demonstration of choreographic process between Arrtistic Director and Principal Dancer
  • Audience participation in a mime scene with a number of volunteers invited on stage.
  • Question and answer session with the company

Variations of pointe


Tickets:  £12

£10 Concessions for Under 16’s and senior citizens aged 60 and over.

Workshop tickets: £5


Tickets for the two performances and the Workshop are now on sale. Please call our Ticketline 07905 761485 only between 9.30am and 7pm.


JSLN DANCE at the Redgrave Theatre, Bristol

To all you lovers of dance and spectacle I suggest you book seats at tonight’s performance of the JSLN Dance Company’s Variations of Pointe. The production and the venue combine to offer up two delicious secrets at once – a beautiful purpose-built theatre hidden away in the heart of leafy Clifton, and a little-known but highly professional troupe of dancers capable of sensitive story-telling – it’s a winning combination guaranteed to give your weekend the perfect start!

Variations of Pointe presents an intriguing and highly entertaining triple bill that reflects Artistic director Sören Magnus Niewelt’s desire for classical and populist narratives to be explored through classical ballet, but also through other dance forms. Embarking on the company’s debut UK tour, JSLN is bound to make a lot of friends between now and the tour’s end in Halifax at the end of June. It is worth pointing out that if you miss them at the Redgrave, there will be performances at the Mission Theatre in Bath on 13th and 14th June.

The evening started with Niewelt’s adaptation of Fokine’s Petrouchka from the time of the Imperial Russian Ballet, danced to music by Stravinsky. Two girls come upon a large box and wonder what is inside. A sorceress/dollmaker appears and encourages them to open it. Inside they find three marionettes, Petrouchka, a Moor and a Ballerina Doll, lolling lifeless until the sorceress brings them to life.

Company Co-Founder and Principal Dancer Jessica Larbig dances the Ballerina, and gives a delightful performance as a wooden-limbed femme fatale. Exquisitely costumed by Ana Maria Faber, first Petrouchka, adorned with harlequin-like pantaloons, and played by the Australian dancer Sean Williams, then the Moor, bedecked with startling turquoise jacket and plumed hat, played by Hungarian dancer Attila Kiss vie for the Ballerina’s attentions with near fatal results. Visually reminiscent of The Nutcracker, this is magical storytelling in dance to an exciting and demanding score.

The second piece is unashamedly populist in outlook, but JSLN’s take on the well-known TV series ’Allo ’Allo, pulls off an unlikely comedic coup. Dancers Caroline Rees, as the aggrieved wife Edith, and Monique Aaliyah as the steamy waitress/lover Evette, created good tension with the torn and compromised figure of Café owner René Artois, danced by Kiss. There was complex and impressive choreography around the handling and passing over of a stolen painting originally destined for Hitler’s own collection, and always good interpretation and razor-sharp timing to an eclectic mix of songs that include Golden Eye, Springtime for Hitler and Ne Me Quitte Pas.

Finally, JSLN presented their neo-classical piece Transitions of (I)dentity, which enjoyed success at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In this piece we follow an individual’s quest for identity, the ‘Soulsearcher’, bolstered by spirits of courage and communication, until her growing confidence has a positive affect on the society she lives in. Danced with pure movement to some uplifting pieces by Vivaldi, Principal Dancer Larbig again impressed, as did Estelle Botella, whose crisp movement and ever-present smile was a constant delight.

Played to a small audience last night, the company still gave it their absolute all and impressed with their professionalism. They manage to convey a real love of what they do, and it cannot be long till they win the recognition they deserve.    ★★★★☆    Simon Bishop    6th May 2016

Review in Stage Talk Magazine