Open Auditions for “And Then There Were None” – 8th, 12th & 15th January 2020

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The Exmouth Players are holding open auditions, open to you all regardless of whether you are a member or non-member of The Exmouth Players and age.  It doesn’t matter whether you have acted before or not, or have any experience of performing on stage.  Just come along and enjoy the fun and experience of it all.

These auditions will be taking place at The Blackmore Theatre, Bicton Street, Exmouth, EX8 2RU at 7.30 pm on 8th & 15th and at 2.00pm on 12th January 2020.


 Performance Dates & Times

Performances will commence on Mon 20th April and run through to Sat 25th April 2020

Monday 20th – Saturday 25th April at 7.30pm

And possibly Sunday 26th April at 2.00pm (TBC)

Note: You must be available for all the performance dates and times above.

 Open Auditions Dates & Times

Wednesday 8th January 2020 at 7.30pm;

Sunday 12th January at 2.00pm;

Wednesday 15th January at 7.30pm

Note:  Please ensure you are at The Blackmore by the time(s) mentioned above (depending on which of these you are able to attend – please see note below if you are unable to attend any of these dates and/or times).


These will commence on Sunday 2nd February 2020 and will take place on Sundays from 2.00pm – 5.00pm and also from 7.30pm – 10.00pm on Wednesdays, at The Blackmore Theatre (unless notified to the contrary). PLEASE NOTE: There will probably be additional rehearsals on Friday evenings during March – TBC.

The Director will endeavour to schedule sections for rehearsals so as to avoid calling any people unnecessarily.

Technical Rehearsals:   Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th April 2020

Dress Rehearsal:  Friday 17th and Sunday 19th April 2020


Scripts are now available on a loan and return basis at The Blackmore Theatre between 7.30pm and 9.00pm on Friday 13th & 20th December 2019 and then again on Friady 3rd January 2020. 

They will also be available at our Coffee Morning on Saturday, 14th December 2019

(9.30am – 12.00 Noon).


If any of the dates and times mentioned above are unsuitable for you to come and collect a script, then please contact to make alternative arrangements.

As we only have a limited supply, please ensure you quickly read and return the script you have borrowed, as they may be others waiting for sight of the same.

PLEASE NOTE:  All scripts must be returned to the Theatre by Tuesday 7th January 2020 at the very latest.

POLITE REQUEST:  If you do borrow a script to read and/or are cast or involved in the production in any way, please do not reveal the outcome of the plot outside the production. 

Please see Director’s Notes below regarding the ending.

Director’s Notes

If you are interested in auditioning for any of the characters in this production but are unable to attend any of the audition dates and/or at the times mentioned above, then please contact leaving your name and contact details.  Your information will be passed on to our Director (below) who will then contact you.  He will try and fit you in at a different time, if possible.

The scripts provided have the 1939 Ending.  There are variations available.  The Director may notify you at the Auditions which ending he has in mind.

The Director is looking forward to having as many people as possible auditioning for what should be an enjoyable production that will be popular with audiences and well received. 

Director: Gareth Weeks

Registration of Your Interest for Open Audition Purposes

For the purposes of these Open Auditions, it would assist us if you would please contact leaving your name, contact details, age along with details of the character/characters you wish to audition for and which of the audition dates you aim to attend, prior to the 8th January 2020.  This information will then be passed on to the Director.

  However, we are fairly relaxed about this if you are undecided whether to audition until any of the actual audition dates and just turn up.  You will be more than welcome. 


Ten strangers are lured to an isolated island mansion off the Devon coast by a mysterious ‘U.N.Owen’. At dinner a recorded message accuses each of them in turn of having a guilty secret, and by the end of the night one of the guests is dead. Stranded by a violent storm, and haunted by an ancient nursery rhyme counting down one by one… they begin to die. Which amongst them is the killer and will any of them survive?

The production will be set in the 1930s.


The play is written for a cast of 7 male actors and 3 female actors.

Character ages are flexible within reasonable limits for the character(s) concerned. 

ROGERSCompetent middle-aged manservant. Not a butler but a house-parlour man. Quick and deft. Just a trifle specious and shifty. Dominates his weak-willed wife, but despite her death continues serving.
MRS ROGERSWorried looking. Pale and ghost-like. Dominated by bullying husband.
VERA CLAYTHORNEGood-looking girl of twenty-five. Cool, efficient, resourceful.
PHILIP LOMBARDAttractive, lean man of thirty-four, with a touch of the adventurer about him.
ANTHONY MARSTONGood looking young man of twenty-three or so, rich, spoiled – not very intelligent. Amoral and irresponsible.
WILLIAM BLOREMiddle-aged, thickset man; Gives his impression of a gold magnate, his eyes dart about, making notes of everything. No remorse.
GENERAL MACKENSIEUpright soldiery old man, with a gentle tired face. Retired WWI war hero.
EMILY BLUNTSpinster with a disagreeable, suspicious face. Sixty-five. Religiously rigid, socially respectable.
SIR LAWRENCE WARGRAVELately-retired from the bench. Known as a “hanging judge”.
DR ARMSTRONGFussy, good-looking man of forty-four, looks rather tired.

For all Enquiries, please contact

This amateur production of “And Then There Were None” is SUBJECT TO LICENCE of SAMUEL FRENCH LTD a Concord Theatricals Company.